Cheaper holidays with the bus

Going on holidays is usually a fun adventure with the family. The kids get to visit new locations especially if you live in some of the most popular and other urban cities in America. It is ideally important for children as their lives would have been triangular before they go with you on the holiday. Parents can take their kids to visit magical cities with an affordable party bus rental in Milwaukee, WI where they can catch a Brewers baseball game!

In Kansas City, the Wichita Botanical Garden is where you will find all kinds of butterflies in the renowned butterfly garden. Then there are the public beaches of San Diego and the Mexican Paraphernalia that are stored in the Buckhorn Salon & Museum.

Spending your holiday exploring these fun spots all across America with your children is usually fun. Plus, for those who get to visit sites like the Buckhorn Salon & Museum, they will be tripped as it will allow them to experience the magic of Mexico without crossing the border.

The problem with these trips is that it gets really expensive before you step out of the house. You have to budget for a lot of things like transportation, accommodation, feeding, souvenirs etc.

The ticket cost from DC to San Diego (which is another tourist attraction for Americans) is an average of $350 by air transportation, multiply that by 4 people and you already have a thousand bucks for transportation. This doesn’t include the extra cost for luggage and hotel accommodation which could range from $120 per night depending on how much amenities and the location of the hotel.

Traveling by bus is by far cheaper than going to air travel and it can afford you lots of conveniences as well as fun. Buses are more reliable than airplanes and their routes rarely get canceled. It’s normal to get delayed at the airport or have your flight canceled due to bad weather or problems at the control center. Bus travels have been plowing their routes for long to know of alternative routes to take in order to get you to your destination.

Americans who travel by bus tend to have more legroom on fancier reclining seats in rows of two to three people. The buses also have a separate section for convenience as well as power outlets and free WI-FI for surfing the internet.

Buses also have pit stops which afford the passengers to taste out roadside food as well as take pictures of historical gems which are only visible as you drive through America. Depending on the city, you’re going to but in a city like San Diego, which happens to be on our list of Top 3 US bus travel destinations, the city has an extensive bus system which allows you to explore the city at the fraction of the cost of hailing a taxi.

When going on a holiday, especially with family and friends, cutting transportation cost is usually the first way to go. If you can get to your destination at a cheaper price, then you can spend more money on the fun and experience that you came for.